Welcome To White Onyx Crystal Therapy

Jeannine Spencer is certified in crystal healing therapy, and has been practicing since August of 2012.

Crystal Blessings! My name is Jeannine Spencer. I was born and raised in Bend Oregon and feel so grateful and blessed to live in such a beautiful place.

I offer in office crystal therapy energy sessions, long distance crystal therapy and supportive grids using sacred geometry, and fun and exciting classes to learn more about this amazing world of crystals. The mineral kingdom can be utilized in a variety of different ways to help improve our lives and those around us. Everyone can benefit from these beautiful crystal vibrational elements. Our families, friends, pets, and mama earth!


What Clients Say

I had never heard of crystal healing before Jeannine started. I was very interested from the minute she explained it to me. I was amazed at the difference I felt after my first session. I felt much lighter and you know that chatter in your head about what you have to get done…go here, do that…. the chatter in the head stopped completely. I have had a total of 3 (or 4 can’t remember) sessions. Each one is different and amazing in its own way. If you are feeling overwhelmed by the hustle and bustle of life take an hour or so out of your day and see Jeannine. You will have no regrets!!
Jill Zertuche

What Clients Say

I had my first ever crystal healing session with Jeannine at White Onyx Crystal Therapy, and I am blown away at how profound, life changing, and beautiful of an experience it was – both during the session and continuing many days afterward. I experienced a great blissful joy emanating from my heart that didn’t go away; I felt all the cells in my body re-polarize into proper magnetic alignment, repairing damage from traumas that occurred when I was a child; and I experienced the deepest calm grounding I’ve ever known. Jeannine does very high quality healing work that I wholeheartedly recommend. I will be back for many more crystal healing sessions.
Sarah Aya Paxton