The Diamond Light Wands – Multi-Dimensional Healing Tools

This design was given by spirit to Two Bears. It creates a focused beam of energy that is constant in diameter. These are extremely high vibrational tools that were cut and polished with healing intentions. Two Bears had a long friendship with Marcel Vogel and has a very good knowledge of crystal Physics.


Two Bears, a local Sedona, Arizona, USA, resident, was in Nov. of 2012 a recipient of a midday vision. He saw two classic gem cuts coming together to form a “wand, or instrument. Its intended purpose; self-actualization, healing (defined as a betterment of health), or simply as an object d’art; a faceted semi-precious stone, that might be placed in a stand, and illuminated in a showcase, for its visual appeal, and, hopefully, effect.

Two Bears, a man, whom has been blessed with a gift, has lived in 7 countries, wrote his doctoral thesis in Chinese Medicine in 1986, on the piezoelectric molecular structures in quartz and tourmaline, and their ability to create and influence electromagnetic fields, and their application to Traditional Chinese Medicine (specifically during acupuncture sessions).

Currently, the DIAMOND LIGHT WANDS(DLW”S), are cut (faceted) from natural quartz crystals found in Minas Gerais and Bahia states, Brazil. The quartz may be clear, silver tone, smoky ,smoky/citrine, or citrine, should very clean quartz with specific inclusions, or beryl family crystals come available, these would be gratefully accepted into the family.

The form is a combination of “what the crystal gives us”, combined with specific design, and cutting along existing axial lines. More on this in the science.

Holding and translating the vision, and at the same time, allowing the shape to appear naturally, rather than forced, is the field of Two Bears. Bringing the vision is the magical work of” Little John”, Two Bears’ longtime cutter. AII DLWs, are faceted in Brazil, and only by “Little John”, in relationship with Two Bears.

Two Bears has been working with minerals since 1982. This includes natural (specimen crystals), rough (cutting material), cabochons, and faceted stones. Since 1990, he has been working in Brazil, sourcing the beauty of the mineral kingdom there, and bringing it to North America, Europe, and beyond. His experience with faceted gemstones, is a part of the inspiration for the DLW.

Smoky Silver DLW & Citrine DLW