Crystal Healing Energy Session Includes:

  • Crystal Therapy Chakra and Subtle Body Energy Layout
  • Clean Sacred Space
  • Music to encourage Theta brain state
  • Crystal Infused aromatherapy sprays and anointing oils
  • 7 Crystal Bowls – Sound Therapy
  • Intuitive Crystal Guidance with Crystal Ally Cards
  • Crystal infused bottle of water

Aromatherapies are organic based. If you are sensitive to scents, allergic to essential oils or are pregnant, we will discuss that before your session.

Preparations for you before your session:

  • Hydrate well with water.
  • Please remove all jewelry, as metals can interfere with the crystals and stones information. If you cannot remove a wedding ring or something is difficult to remove, this is OK. The effects are minimal.
  • Please dress comfortable. You will be lying down for approximately 1 hour 15 minutes.
  • Try to avoid tops with zippers, as the stone placement gets tricky. T shirts are great!
  • After your session, please rest as much as possible, and drink a lot of water.


1hr 30 minutes – $80.00

Package Discount

3 sessions – 10%off – $216.00

Gift Certificates:

White Onyx Crystal Therapy offers gift certificates. This is a great way to pamper your friends and loved ones!
They must be used in full, and cannot be refunded. Good for 12 months of issue date.

Crystal healing is an alternative holistic treatment. Never use crystal healing or any nontraditional complementary healing method discussed here in lieu of obtaining professional medical or psychiatric help. If you believe you have a condition requiring medical or psychiatric treatment, please seek professional treatment immediately. It is not to be used to diagnose, heal or cure.

What Clients Say

I don’t know if anyone reading this will have had previous experience with crystals, but I have been working with them for over 20 years. Not in the capacity that Jeannine does though; she takes crystal work to a new level. I have learned some of the metaphysical meanings behind some of the stones, but she knows so much more and it shows in her sessions. She is intuitive and is able to pick up on things that you may not even be aware of in your body or energy (aura) field. She is very professional and compassionate with her stones and her clients. It’s so very relaxing. You lay down on a bed, in a relaxing atmosphere. She intuits what stones you need and where they must go on your chakras. You get to just lay back and enjoy the glide. Whatever experience you have is up to you and your awareness, but NOTHING is unpleasant. For me it loosed a lot of tension I had in my chest and upper back. I left feeling relaxed and anxiety free, which for me means a lot. I encourage anyone to at least give it a try, you have nothing to lose, except tension. 😀
Heidi Ross

What Clients Say

I had never had a crystal healing session before and really didn’t know much about crystal healing.  When I went for my session I went with an open mind and figured I would just use it as an opportunity to relax.  Jeannine was very good about answering all of my questions and made me feel relaxed right away.  At the start of the session I set my intention to be open to whatever happened. During the session I became totally relaxed and experienced feelings that I didn’t know I had been holding onto.  It was a great session and I highly recommend Jeannine.  Thank you Jeannine.  I cannot wait until my next session.
Stephen W